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Shipley Bookkeeping and Accounting provides friendly, client focused and flexible solutions to support sole traders, partnerships and Limited Companies which comply with the Financial Reporting Standard FRS105**.

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What do we do?

We provide a wide range of Bookkeeping & Accounting services. We don’t just handle one area, we embrace them all.


Accurate bookkeeping is key to business growth. As well as providing double entry into the ledgers, I can reconcile bank, credit card or petty cash accounts; prepare sales invoices and provide regular Debtors and Creditors reports as required.


I can prepare and file your Self Assessment Tax return, calculate your income tax and National Insurance liabilities, review this information with you and advise you of the dates that these should be paid by. This service is available for individuals, CIS construction workers, property rental owners, sole traders, partners and partnerships, limited company directors and shareholders.


I am qualified to calculate and submit Corporation Tax returns for Limited Companies under FRS105 **. With tax reliefs and rates changing on an annual basis, it’s important to make use of all exemptions, allowances and deductions available.


The Final Accounts (Profit & Loss and The Balance Sheet) are fundamental in knowing how your business is performing. I can prepare the final accounts at year end for your business, be it Sole Trader, LLP, Partnership or a Limited Company **.​  I can also produce these on a monthly/quarterly basis according to your business needs. I will also review these with you in terminology that you understand so that you know exactly how your business is doing.


Cash flow is key to running a business.  Allow me to send reminders for outstanding invoices, freeing up your time to increase sales and improving the cash flow in the business.


I can run your weekly/monthly payroll, and deal with auto enrolment.


​​​I am able to Incorporate a Limited Company on your behalf.​​


​I am able to calculate your VAT liability and file your quarterly VAT returns to HMRC with accuracy, ensuring we adhere to all the deadlines and avoiding any costly fines for mistakes. MTD compliant software in place.

NOTE: Shipley Bookkeeping and Accounting can currently prepare the final accounts for Micro-entity Limited companies, these are companies with at least two of the following criteria: An annual turnover of no more than £632,000.00 (adjusted for periods longer/shorter than 12 months)
Assets worth no more than £316,000.00, 10 or less employees on average.